Terms of Service

OurBabble is an online social media platform designed solely to leave the power of the media in the hands of the user. Each user will have the ability to control his or her community and what can be seen or not seen. OurBabble allows each user to decide on almost every aspect of the user’s personal community under the terms described below. Each feature, app, and service are customizable by the user. 

These terms and conditions of use (the “Terms of Service,” “terms,” or “Agreement” as appropriate) govern our social media-based websites, accounts, pages and applications (or collectively, our “site,” “sites,” or “platform”) that belong to, or are managed by OurBabble, LLC, a Georgia limited liability company (“OurBabble”, “we”, “our” and/or “us” as appropriate). By accessing and/or using our sites, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms, all applicable laws and regulations, and any other applicable policies, terms and guidelines established by Our Babble and those of any third parties that host our sites, as amended from time to time.  If you do not agree with all of these terms or cannot form a legally binding contract, you are not permitted to use our sites.

OurBabble is always free to use; however, we understand that some users do not like to be inundated with ads.  This also will be customizable by everyone with an option for opting out of all ads, opting for partial ads, or rolling with the full ad version as outlined below. 

Your personal information is just that - ¬your personal information - and it will always remain so.  OurBabble operates using the minimum amount of personal information OurBabble believes that it needs for your account, and your information is never shared with any entity outside of OurBabble. No more tracking or prying into your personal habits just to sell ad space to business. The user has absolute control over ads and the type of ads they see by simply selecting during setup or in settings the ‘Fully Free’, ‘Partial Ads’ or ‘No Ads’ and agreeing to the terms for either.  Businesses are supplied with basic numbers as to how many users are opted into ads and will be given interaction reports for their specific ads.  OurBabble is designed to help promote small business as its top priority.
OurBabble is a ‘free speech’ sanctuary, that being the case, the information shared by users on OurBabble is not fact checked, verified, or censored. All users are urged to independently verify any information they choose to use or share. OurBabble believes that every thought and opinion is just as meaningful as another, and that everyone has the ‘right’ to post his or her views, opinions, and thoughts.

1.    Services Provided
A.    Personal Communications Platform    
OurBabble allows each user to have control of the user’s personal communications. From what materials they see in “The Feed” to who is allowed to post to the user’s feed. No tracking or data harvesting, each user keeps complete control of the user’s community and what is allowed in the user’s community.  
B.    Groups and Organizations    
Each user will have the ability to keep up with the user’s special interests and groups as well as connect with new groups and organizations.  Suggestions are not based on your personal data or interactions in OurBabble as we are NOT tracking your information. OurBabble’s suggestions are simply some of the more popular trending groups and organizations for that day/week.
C.    Ads and Offers
Ads and offers are also controlled by each user for each user’s community, discussed below. The ads and offers are designed to help support local business first and foremost and allow for the options of national ads for those looking for the larger retailers and companies. Type of ads are selected by the user, if participating in the partial ad option, and will default to ‘all’ ads if the user does not select specific types. Users selecting the ‘free’ version of the site or the ‘no ads’ version will not have the ‘ad preferences’ section on their login.
i.    (*) The ‘partial ad’ and ‘no ad’ options refer to the ads directly related to the OurBabble platform and will affect these ads directly. These options will not affect any third-party ads that may be embedded within third party video posts.
D.    Communication and Expressions
OurBabble supports ‘free speech’ and does not block, delete, or scrub opinions, views, or comments from any user if they are tasteful (no nudity/sexually explicit), courteous, non-violent, and profanity free (discussed in detail below). We believe every person has the natural human right to voice their opinions and views without fear of retaliation.  Users must understand that uploading content on the web carries with it certain risks and are advised to never share personal information such as address, phone numbers, identifying numbers such as social security or passport numbers, bank account or credit information, or any other information that could be used to steal an individual’s identity or belongings.
E.    Development
We will continue to develop OurBabble, however, we will not do this by tracking, storing, or prying on the community. Your privacy is of the utmost importance. To continue developing OurBabble will rely on input from the users through our “Suggestion Box” and will take each suggestion, weigh the options, and put forth the suggestion for community votes for implementation.

2.    How we keep the lights on
A.    Advertising for Business
OurBabble is a free platform for all users. In order for us to provide the free platform for users, OurBabble offers advertising for businesses, primarily concentrating on small business support, and shows these ads to the users on the user’s community page. 

B.    Opting Out of Advertising 
Offering users, the option of opting out of ads if they choose to do so for a small fee which will continue to ‘keep the lights on’ and allow for continuing development of the community for all users.

3.    Permissions    
A.    Permission to Share
When posting thoughts, opinions, and ideas, you give OurBabble permission to share those posts with individuals and entities that are allowed access to your posts through your personal settings.
B.    Rights You Retain
When loading and sharing photos and any other content, you retain full rights to your personal property. OurBabble will not use your information in any manner that is not consistent with your permissions. By uploading content, you can feel assured that OurBabble will not share your information with any third party or service provider unless you give specific consent to do so, and that consent is not attributable to all content but only the content requested.
C.    Removal of Content
Removal of content and or accounts will be done as efficiently as possible with the least amount of delay.  Deletion of content will remove all the content from the servers and will not be copied or archived for any manner unless specifically requested by law enforcement for any criminal investigations.
D.    Use of Log-in Information
OurBabble will not use your log in information -e.g., your name, picture, or any other actions you take - to promote ads to your friends and family.  You may however share ads with friends and family at your discretion. Users may opt to allow their photos to be downloaded by their family and friends through the selection’s menu.
E.    Use of OurBabble Content
OurBabble content is not allowed to be reproduced or used without prior consent and authorization from the OurBabble staff.  Requests must be in writing, detailing the use of the property and is for a limited time unless otherwise specified.

4.    Limited Liability
A.    Warnings
As we strive to provide a safe and secure platform for users, each user understands that the use of the OurBabble platform has inherent risks, and that the community may not always be safe and secure. Users hereby acknowledge that there is the potential for bad behavior on the site. Users hereby agree that OurBabble is not to be held liable to any person or entity for a user’s loss of revenue, profits, information, or data, and shall not be held liable for any damages (punitive, exemplary, incidental, or as of consequence) related to any Terms of OurBabble or any product of OurBabble. Users further acknowledge that OurBabble does not control the content, nor do we direct users on what to post or say, and we are not responsible for any content that is shared that may be objectionable, profane, unlawful, obscene, or inappropriate. Furthermore, OurBabble will take all precautions that it, in OurBabble’s judgment, believes it can reasonably take to prevent such happenings but are not liable in any manner if the above listed actions occur. Users hereby acknowledge and assume the risk that sometimes damages are incurred because of the actions or inactions of service providers and other third parties.  OurBabble, while providing ads for service providers, may not be held liable, as allowed by law, for service provider failures and that any failures or damages caused by service providers will be held against the service provider solely.

B.    Content Posted by Third Parties
OurBabble does not in any way, adopt, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others, including users and third parties. 

5.    DMCA Copyright Policy and Copyright Agent 
A.    Rights to Remove Content That Infringes a Third Party’s Legal Rights 
OurBabble may remove content that appears in its sole discretion to infringe the intellectual property rights of others. 
B.    Take Down Notices
If you believe that content available on or through the platform infringes one or more of your intellectual property rights, please immediately notify OurBabble and submit a takedown request.  Notifications should be sent to the following: OurBabble, LLC, Attn: Takedown Request, 3371 Blake Hills Court, Dacula, GA, 30019

6.    Jurisdiction
This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia without regard to the principles of conflicts of law.

7.    Standards We Live By    
A.    Duty to Report
As a community we strive to keep everyone safe, so we want to make sure that everyone helps one another. To do this we must keep our eyes open and stand by these words…’see something, say something’.  Anyone who is part of our community and sees or feels that another community member may be in danger of self-injury, exploitation in any way, bullying or harassing, or any abuse or exploitation of children, must immediately report this conduct to OurBabble so the situation may be addressed, and the danger may be averted. Any community member that may be contemplating self-harm will be directed to an approved list of services that may help the individual. OurBabble reserves the right to contact any emergency services on behalf of the individual if deemed necessary.
B.    Prohibited Conduct
OurBabble will not, under any circumstances, be used to promote or conduct any type of violent or criminal behavior. Any acts or threats of violence toward any person will be met with swift intervention and with punishment up to and including the removal of the account being used. Criminal activity of any kind will be reported to the appropriate authorities and will constitute the removal of the account in question. OurBabble will archive any such activity and threats for use by law enforcement and criminal investigation. Criminal activity may include but is not limited to the sale of illicit material or products, sexual solicitation, terrorism, rioting, or any behavior or conduct explicitly forbidden by law.
C.    Profanity
Profanity, while highly discouraged is understood to be a part of speech for some individuals and is not forbidden; however, everyone will have an option to ‘block’ this type of language in their settings (this option is currently unavailable but will be instituted at the earliest possible time). Profanity will not be removed, the words will be left in place; however, they will be covered with * or – as to make them unreadable.
D.    Nudity and Sexual Content 
Nudity and sexually explicit photos, writings and gestures are not allowed. Nudity and sexually explicit photos, writings and gestures will be removed from the site and the user will be notified of the offense in question. If any of these photos, writings, or gestures violate any laws, the offense may be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any violent or graphic content will be dealt with accordingly through removal, restructure, or replacement once the individual that has posted is contacted.
E.    Hate Speech and Bullying
No Room for Hate. No hate speech of any kind is allowed. The denigration of any individual based on race, religion, nationality, gender, disability, or sexual orientation is forbidden. We strive to keep a safe, well informed, and powerful community where all our voices matter. To do this, we must appreciate the differences we have and not use those differences to disrupt or hate one another. Bullying, as defined by law, will not be tolerated at any time on OurBabble. Any instance of suspected bullying should be reported to the OurBabble team as soon as possible.
F.    The Use of Another User’s Property
OurBabble does not permit any person to obtain or take any personal property such as photos, graphics, writings, or anything covered under intellectual property laws, and use that property for personal use in any way. If you do not have express written permission to use personal property, DO NOT use it. We will put forth our best efforts to prevent others from obtaining your information; however, the user must also be aware of who the user shares information within any online setting.
G.    Intentional/Continual Post Miscategorized    
Any ‘User’ found to be intentionally and continually creating and submitting posts under the improper category in an effort subvert the purpose of post categorizing will face the following actions:
1.    1 or less per week:         No action as we understand mistakes happen.
2.    2 -5 per week:            A member of the OurBabble team will reach out to               the ‘user’ to help them understand the purpose and function of categories and insure they know how to properly categorize a post.
3.    More than 5 per week:        ‘User’ will receive the following:
i.    First offense – Warning from OurBabble team
ii.    Second offense – User account will be suspended for 1 day
iii.    Third offense – User account will be suspended for 1 week
iv.    Fourth offense – User account will be banned, it may be re-instated through a written request and approval of the OurBabble senior staff, this does not guarantee the account will be re-instated after written request is received.